About Us

The Globe Jumpers is a humanitarian and adventure travel movement founded in 2012 in Montreal, Canada by Nader Diab and Imad Berro. Best friends since childhood, they have always been united by their mutual love of travel. Through the years, their shared experiences have left them with an unquenchable thirst to explore the world and connect with its people. 


Nader Diab

30 years old

Bachelor in Biology, University of Montreal

Post Grad in Public relations and Philanthropy, McGill University

Imad Berro

29 years old 

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences.

University of Quebec in Montreal

Nader and Imad had a habit of taking random, exotic jumping pictures during their trips around the globe. Once they started posting them online, the positive feedback they garnered was totally unexpected; both Jumpers knew they had to turn all this attention into something bigger than themselves: the idea for The Globe Jumpers was born: A travel sharing platform!


After years spent visiting various local communities around the world, the jumpers developed a strong humanitarian conscience: it is through their contact with these communities that they developed the framework for The GlobeJumpers, a non-religious, apolitical, eco-responsible, and socially conscious traveling movement. The idea is to give their fellow travellers the opportunity to bring local solutions to global problems, by pairing grassroots organizations with donors and international volunteers willing to give a helping hand. 


The Globe Jumpers use their social media accounts to keep in contact with their fellow travellers by sharing quotes, photos and daily travel inspiration.  Every day, Nader and Imad feature a breathtaking “jumping” picture of one of their followers, which allows them to interact and bond with like-minded individuals from all over the globe. With over 130K followers on Instagram, 20K on Twitter and 21K on Facebook to date, social media is, at present, the main outlet allowing the Globe Jumpers to reach out to the travelling community and expand their network.

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